Make your first project


Make sure you are running the current version of Stackbuilder by downloading it from

To start a new project with a blank blueprint, select “New Project” from the “Blocks” pull down menu in the Application’s menu bar.

You will see a new entry in the “Projects” palette called “Unnamed Project”. To rename it, click in the text area and edit the name. To open the new project, double click in the rectangular box containing its name.

Refer to other support documents e.g. “Stackbuilder overview” to learn more about making an Interstacks project. You can drag and drop hardware, software (Library), and “My Blocks” components from the right rail into the blueprint area. Then draw lines between the input and output terminals of blocks to define the message flow. All project edits are immediately saved to your local storage and to your Interstacks cloud account if syncing is on in your Stackbuilder preferences.

When you are ready to test your blueprint, make sure your stack is powered via the AC power adapter, and the USB cable is connected between the Base of your stack and your computer.

Then click on the Send to Stack button in the top middle of the blueprint area. It will take some time to transfer the blueprint to the stack. When completed, the stack will initialize and run the blueprint you sent to it. You will see a trace of messages running in the stack in the console trace area in the bottom rail. Please see the console trace support document for more information.

If Stackbuilder indicates that your blueprint is not being sent to the stack properly, unplug the USB cable connected to your computer and plug it back in. This will initialize your stack.

Once your blueprint is working properly, you can disconnect it from your computer. Subsequently, every time your stack is powered on, it will load the blueprint you sent to it. The computer is only needed to develop the blueprint and send it to the stack, not to operate the stack.

Refer to documentation on many other topics at
Please email with any questions.