Barcode hardware block

The Interstacks Barcode hardware block lets you connect a USB Barcode scanner to your stack. There are many vendors that sell Barcode scanners with a USB host connector (e.g. Sparkfun). Simply plug the Barcode scanner into the USB Host connector on the back of the Interstacks Barcode hardware block. When a barcode is scanned, its value will be output as a character string from the Barcode block, “Barcode”, output terminal. Use Stackbuilder to connect this output to the rest of your stack blueprint.


Connector on back is a USB Host connector


For advanced users, the full blocks specification sheet with all properties and terminals.
Barcode Reader

Type (uuid): Module Type
Version (int): Firmware Version

“Properties” - in (List or Property Name string): To set property. Send property name, Value. For example [’N’,’netname’]. To get property, just send property name. For example. ’N'
“Presponse” - out (List or True) : On set, responds with True when done. On get, responds with list. For example [’N’, ‘netname’].

"Barcode” - out (String) - Sends string with scanned barcode. Assumes using HID keyboard USB barcode scanner that ends scan with newline character.

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