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Wake YOUR world...

by rapidly deploying industrial internet of things (I IoT) edge solutions with Interstacks snap-together electronic blocks and Stackbuilder visual authoring tool. Connect machines and sensors to each other and directly to any cloud or on-premise platform. Deploy a custom, smart, I IoT gateway in minutes. Interstacks empowers you to become master of your internet of things universe.


Choose the electronic blocks you want.


Snap them together.


Use the Stackbuilder authoring tool to tell your stack what to do.

A nervous system for your operations

Get IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operations Technology) working together: Rapidly build the real-time enterprise by getting all of your operations connected. View operations data in real-time from anywhere. Empower IT staff with hardware expertise by simply using Interstacks snap-together blocks. Realize huge ROI by analyzing and monitoring operational efficiencies and reducing downtime by enabling preventative maintenance & on-site alerts.

Grab some blocks and start building

Based on 25 years of research, Interstacks incorporates an architecture for massive scalability.

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Deploy in minutes

Empower IT staff with hardware expertise by using Interstacks snap-together blocks to get machines, sensors, and anything you can imagine connected. Then use the intuitive Stackbuilder drag-and-drop authoring tool to add local processing and cloud connectivity. Use the built-in software blocks library and/or program in Python.

  • Make old machines smart Make old, dumb machines, smart & connected by simply snapping the hardware interface block needed onto your stack.
  • View operations data Send data directly to any I IoT cloud platform from sensors & machines so you can view real-time operations data from anywhere. Program "smarts" at the edge before sending to the cloud.
  • Micro PLC Combine sensors, control outputs, smart local processing, in-stack storage & cloud.